• How many keys make a pound?
    -50 Keys!


  • What percentages of the donations make it to the specified food pantry?
    -100% of the donation will feed those and stalk food pantries of your choice!


  • Who and what food pantries will receive the food?
    -Any pantry, food source or distribution center of your choice!


  • What KFH can supply to me?

-We got what you need to get your keys! Buckets, posters, pamphlets, and business cards are just some of the items that are available to you, as well as downloads on the website for starting and running your key drive, letters to parents, etc.


  • How to get my community involved?
    -Local advertising. Penny savers/Money savers (free ad), PTA, Local television access, and simply getting your friends and family involved! Spread the word!



  • How are the keys recycled?
    -The keys will be brought in, weighed then distributed to be sent to and sold at a local recycling center!
  • How do you get the money from the keys?
    -KFH will sell them for scrap metal where those profits turn into monetary value to fill the food pantries of your choice!


  • What other items do we accept?
    -It doesn’t have to stop at keys! Other metals that can be scrapped can be donated as well, such as lock systems, copper, and all other metal items.
  • How long do the key drives last?
    -Key drives are completely customizable to fit your specific curriculum needs, you may want to set key goals for each classroom or turn the drive into a classroom to classroom competition! As well as invite your cooperate businesses to participate in an office key drive. Just have fun with it! You’re helping to end hunger one key at a time!