How It Works


eys In The Classroom is a key drive program that local schools can participate in with the Key For Hope Foundation.  The key drive is similar to the more common “book drives”, with the added benefit of teaching the students about recycling. Key For Hope Foundation will assist you in setting up and running a key drive.  The goals of the key drive are to collect unwanted or obsolete keys, recycle them for charity, and teach students the importance of recycling, charity, and community teamwork.

Key Drive Planning



  • Decide dates for the key drive (we recommend 2 weeks anytime during the year)

  • Delegate responsibilities (promoting, distributing collection boxes,and organizing incentives)

  • Identify sites for collection bins

  • Decide what incentives, if any, you are going to use (See KEY DRIVE TIPS for ideas)



  • Prepare letter for students to take home announcing the key drive and requesting key donations

  • Promote in local newspaper (we will work you and send out a press release)

  • We will provide bins for your collection sites and have students decorate them

  • Have students make posters and display them throughout the building and at local businesses


During Key Drive

  • Keep the keys in stackable bins so they can be easily moved (PLEASE exercise caution when moving/transporting filled key bins as they can become quite heavy.  It is suggested to use a two-wheeled movers dolly or other transport device)

  • Near the end of your drive, communicate with your KFH representative to establish a pick up date for your collection bins.


Post Key Drive

These are ideas that worked for other schools.  Tailor any them for your specific school environment.

  • Solicit cooperation from local businesses to donate merchandise or coupons ( movie theaters, book stores, restaurants, sporting good stores, etc.) to use them as incentives.

  • Hold a competition offering pizza or ice cream parties to the groups that bring in the most keys

  • Hold the key drive in conjunction with other programs and sporting events to encourage families to donate directly to the foundation (all donations are tax deductible)

Download & Print  "Keys In The Classroom Introduction Letter"  >>> here